Plenary/Semi-Plenary speakers:

  Boettcher, Albrecht (Germany)

  Topics in Wiener-Hopf and Spectral Factorization


    Duduchava, Roland (Georgia) 

  Mellin Convolution Operators in Bessel Potential Spaces with Admissible Meromorphic Kernels
  Eliashvili, Merab (Georgia)

  Algebraic Aspects of Azbel-Hofstadter Problem

  Kaashoek, Marius (Netherland)

  The State Space Method for Problems in Analysis:
a Case Study


    Kadeishvili, Tornike (Georgia)

  Minimality Theorems and their Applications in Topology and Physics
  Kapanadze, David (Georgia)

  The Boundary Value Problems of Wave Diffraction by a Half-Plane with an Obstacle Perpendicular to the Boundary
  Kokilashvili, Vakhtang (Georgia)

  Singular Integrals in Some Nonstandard Banach Function Spaces
  Kuchment, Peter  (Usa)

  Can One Hear the Heat of a Body? Mathematics of Thermoacoustic Imaging


  Lanza de Cristoforis, Massimo (Italy)

  A Functional Analytic Approach to Singular Perturbation Problems: a Quasi-Linear Heat Transmission Problem in a Periodic Dilute Two-Phase Composite


    Lashkhi Alexander (Georgia) 

  Geometric Modelling: Ideology, Phylosophy and Perspectives
    Meskhi Alexander  (Georgia)

  Will be Announced Later

  Mikhailov, Sergey  (UK)

  Localized Boundary Domain Integral Operators and their Norm Estimates


  Natroshvili, David  (Georgia)

  Heritage of V. Kupradze in 3D Elasticity: Potential Method and Fundamental Solutions Method
  Ovchinnikov Vladimir (Russia)

  The Generalized Lions-Peetre Interpolation Constructions with Function Parameters and Embedding Theorems
  Sloan, Ian (Australia)
  Lifting the Curse of Dimensionality-Numerical Inegration in Very Higt Dimensions


  Vasilevski, Nikolai (Mexico)

  Commutative Algebras of Toeplitz Operators on the Bergman Spase